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Identifying Foods That Are Not Really Vegan

Being a vegan is not easy especially when you are new to the whole business of changing your diet. There would be numerous occasions where you would have accidently eaten something that contains some meat product and regretted it later or you were served something that had these components. Being a vegan is not easy especially when you are new to the whole business of changing your diet. There would be numerous occasions where you would have accidently eaten something that contains some meat product and regretted it later or you were served something that had these components. Let’s look at some of the common items that are served in the market that are not really vegan. Next time even if you go to a vegetarian café or order food to be delivered you can check for these items and avoid them. 

• Salad Dressings: Salads are delicious and are usually a favourite for non meat eaters and people that opt for a healthy diet. However something you may not be aware is that salad dressing often the very tasty kind has some form of meat extracts such as bacon fat or anchovies. So it is always good to inquire about the dressing that is used. 

• Cheese: You may have not realised this, but some chesses products have an ingredient called rennet included, which is another name for stomach enzymes extracted from animals such as pigs and cows. Although most cheese items will have this listed on their packaging some will only state enzymes, leaving you guessing. So if you are really unable to decide the best option is to stick to vegan parmesan.

• Soups: When you go to a vegan restaurant Auckland one of the most prominent item on the list is the soups. Most often these items are made with either chicken or beef stock so unless you specifically ask for soups that include vegetables only, chances are you will be having some meat item unknowingly. Therefore it is in your interest to ask for animal free versions or locate authentic eateries that serve these kinds of foods.

• Worcestershire Sauce: this delicious additive that is used in most dishes naturally contains anchovies and because of this traditional sauce is not vegan at all. However there are many substitutes in the market that are pure vegan which you can try out. If that all fails soy sauce and adding some spices can really help make your dishes delicious. 

• Gummy bears: as many of you would have seen viral videos going around these days, these yummy little bites are not vegan at all as they are made with gelatine which contains animal bones and tissue. But there are some gummy bears that are made with starch which are said to be vegan but you will have to do your own research to locate them. So if you are new to the whole vegan game, then these are some things you need to keep an eye out for especially when you eat out or make your own food.

Theme And Food Nuptials

Is it your long-awaited big day as a couple yet? Have any plans of marrying your menu to your wedding theme? Let your food catering service work what’s best for you. If you and your better half have more dynamic schemes to actualize, leave your signature touch to the give-aways, decorations and food. While others anticipate the reaction of the groom as he sees his bride down the aisle, others can’t wait for the menu in the reception later. Here are tips to align your menu with your wedding theme. 

Finalize your theme

Visualize your dream wedding. Come up with a theme that coincides with the setting and ambiance you have in mind. If you envision a tropical cabana wedding, think fruits on skewers, piñacoolada and salt cod fritters with lime mayo. It depends if you decide to put a twist and embrace an unexpected juxtaposition. You can set the mood for Mediterranean music but prepare a menu that taste like the Orient Seas and Spice Island. It’s up to you if you want to keep it simple for the guests or not have them suspect a thing.

Match menu with chosen vibe

Say you don’t want to choose a theme so your choices are not constrained. That doesn’t mean your awaited tying of the knot will end up a farce. Just consider the mood that will screams sparks fly. Do you want medieval or contemporary set-up? Classic or electronic dance music? This serves as guideline for your Auckland catering menu. Seafood obviously rounds up beach wedding but tuxedoes and stiletto heels might not mix with sand very well. Just also be straightforward with the dress code.

Grab inspiration from your setting

When you’re enchanted about the thought of having a garden wedding, a garden events pavilion could just be near your vicinity. You can take cue from the setting for your menu like chicken garden salad for main course then croquembouche with cream puffs and caramel for sweets.You can diversify food choices by appreciating home-grown specialties to celebrate family traditions. If you want food service someplace you hear good things about like wedding catering auckland, for example.

Have your guests in for a treat

Be thoughtful about your guests. Before the program proper, treat your guests to pre-wedding bites and sips. It helps in setting the atmosphere because you don’t want them parched or starving. Sometimes, the bride and groom don’t get to the reception area immediately so fire guests up from the onset. Citrus cucumber detox, iced tea and grilled strawberry shortcake with lemon cream complement summer celebrations. Snickerdoodle cheesecake, hot cocoa and sautéed fruits go very well with winter festive holidays.Jazz it up with four seasons if you want to embrace fall and spring, too.

Let your creative spirits sail

At the end of the day, you plan your dream wedding. It depends on you if you want to complement everything from the food, setting and theme. Ask ideas from your wedding planner or events coordinator. Take everything that symbolizes eternal love and bliss. Others would prefer a traditional wedding with private reception and only intimate family and friends as guests. Let your creative spirits draw inspiration from the places you travel together with your husband-to be or from childhood days in your backyard tree.